Artist’s block

Okay, so I admit it, I have been sucked into the land of Pinterest-enabled malaise.  I am spending way too much time envying other people’s work, and not enough time creating my own.  Am I afraid?  Am I lazy?  Am I any good at this?  Maybe if I look for just a few more minutes at these DIY Craft Ideas and Inspirational Quotations I’ll get some creativity.  Yeah, that doesn’t happen, and then two hours later, I’ve got a dog whining to go out and I’ve eaten a bag of health food store bulk bin M&M knockoffs (don’t be fooled, you will still get a stomachache from eating too many of these, even if the shells are made with fruit juice instead of creepy dye #5).

What’s a doubting artist/librarian to do to reverse this horrible slide?  I think we’ve gone over this before, being a public librarian is pretty awesome.  I get turned on to some pretty cool books, and sometimes books with great reviews actually pertain to topics I am interested in.  I recently added this book to my library’s collection:

cover of Make It Mighty Ugly, by Kim Werker

Make it Mighty Ugly by Kim Piper Werker contains all sorts of ideas and prompts to keep you creating, even when you think the work stinks; even when it does stink. Author Kim Piper Werker at has put me back on the horse (even though I am terrified of them literally and figuratively).

I have spent a few days creating and staying away from Pinterest (mostly), and I’m feeling good.  Is all my work great?  No.  Is it all salvageable?  No.  Have I stumbled on to my masterpiece? Not even close.  Is it all art?  Yep.  Wanna see?

100_2192 100_2205100_2206100_2207100_2208100_2209 100_2197 100_2202

No, I didn’t create the cat, but Lulu was feeling photogenic, you’re welcome.

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