Sit still in the whirlwind.

Today I had images of majestic, deep, swirling waves and lines.  Dark, visually dense colors that would mean something, you know, Something.  Capital S. Create I said.  Be important I said.  Make something impressive I said. Materials: Liquidtex acrylics, Dina Wakely Gesso, Gelli Arts plate, and Speedball Roller. I got bubbles.  Cute, vibrant, fun bubbles.  Not …

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Scrap box time and intentional living.

Every once in a while I decide to just stamp some images, or mix patterned papers together, or make up a bunch of card backs.  When it gets to a point that I can't see my desk, all this stuff eventually ends up in my scrap box (and/or basket, and/or repurposed plant pot, and/or plastic …

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